Why choose Bartis?

At Bartis Investment Limited, we recognize that investors will always prefer to begin their journey in local markets, where they feel more at ease and can connect to.

However, we recognize that searching outside this method might provide you with access to numerous firms you are acquainted with that do not trade on your local markets.

Why think globally when it comes to investing?

Global Opportunities

By not limiting yourself to just the exchanges in your home country, you are opening up to the vast array of opportunities that truly global investors benefit from on a daily basis.

Access to All markets

At Bartis, we believe that everyone deserves the same access to the global financial markets regardless of their jurisdiction. We are experts in cross border transactions, utilizing the latest trading platforms and benefiting from a compliance department experienced in the day-to-day running's of an international investment advisory.

Dedicated Advisors

We pride ourselves on making sure our clients fully understand the why's and wherefores of every move we make. This is just one of the ways we look to develop our client relationships whilst ensuring a level of continuity and service that has become a benchmark of Bartis Investment's aspirations to become a market leader in international investing.

Full Reporting

One of the major concerns about investing overseas is the assumed paperwork and required reporting one might have to disclose. At Bartis, we have a dedicated onboarding team that will assist you in opening or transferring your account. Along with our compliance department, they work hand in hand to ensure that all and any documentation and reporting specific to your local jurisdiction, is accounted for.


  • This morning the capital gain on my Bartis account broke 50% in the 2 years I have been trading with them. Congratulations Bartis, Steven in particular, and well done me for making the right decision to transfer my trading account to Bartis and start investing overseas.
    Jimmy B, New York
  • 5 years ago, I would never have imagined I’d be where I am now. I believe, without Bartis, my retirement would have been in jeopardy. Once I understood that they are there with you the whole way, I knew I could take the step to invest overseas and really start to impact my finances. Their international knowledge is without question and I now find myself looking forward to my account statement each month.
    Jenny B, Australia