The Bartis Global Growth Portfolio

Global Growth Portfolio employs a bottom-up, value style to invest and manage the equity portion of the portfolio. The portfolio aims to be 95% invested in American equities and sets aside 5% to cover any hedging requirements that may arise.

The portfolio seeks to identify and invest in American listed companies with a market capitalization greater than $1 Billion USD which satisfy a stringent set of investment rules.

Pursuant to this objective, the Global Growth Portfolio aims to deliver superior positive returns where suitable investment opportunities are abundant and to preserve capital through derivatives and cash where suitable investment opportunities are scarce.

Bartis may also contemplate protecting the market value of the portfolio by, for example, buying put options over the S&P 500 index.

For inclusion in the Bartis Global Growth Portfolio, a company must be of premium quality, display bright prospects for earnings and growth in intrinsic value, and be available to purchase at a reasonable price.

While the portfolio seeks to retain holdings for the long term, individual holdings may be sold, for example, when their share prices experience excessive or unjustified exuberance, where the company no longer meets its investment criteria or a deterioration in a company’s prospects is expected or where better opportunities become available.

It’s also important to note that the client maintains the final decision for all transactions. This portfolio is designed to be general advice in nature and should not be considered a managed discretionary style account. All holdings are held in individual client accounts.

Portfolio Objective

The Bartis Global Growth Portfolio has an absolute return objective over a rolling 5 year period.

Portfolio Construction

The Portfolio will typically comprise of 20-40 high conviction stocks listed on American exchanges. When possible,

Recommended Investment Timeframe

Minimum of 5 Years and above.